AGLxSNL Season 2

Article type: League Information
Date posted: Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

Hello fellow gamers, Revify speaking! Our Season 2 League is about to commence, and I'm excited to bring you some amazing announcements:

Our New League will not only allow more teams, but it will also have 7 DIFFERENT Divisions per region!
(Currently only NA & EU)

Each Division will consist of 4-8 total Teams, each based off your team's skill level.
The 7 divisions consist of the following:
  • Godlike
  • Deity
  • Divine
  • Demigod
  • Hero
  • Warrior
  • Brawler
Based on your performance during the Split, you will be placed in a higher or lower division.
The top 2 Teams will advance to the next division,
whereas the bottom 2 Teams will demote to a lower division.

Each Split will be based off a 14 Week play period(Play each Team twice).
We will pick a game from each division to cast weekly.

After every Split is done, we will host a massive Elimination Tournament for BIG CASH PRIZES.
League splits will decide your Seeding for this.

The first split will start the 8th of march for EU and 15th of march for NA

Who's ready to game?! Message us for any extra Questions.

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