General questions

How long does it take for played games to show up?

Atm there is a delay in the Hi-rez api that prevents custom game data to be pulled right after playing, this delay is 7 days. If a captain submits a match-id it get's stored. When the match data becomes available it get's immediately processed.

What is

Smite Champions is an amateur Smite Tournament and League organisation. the website is used to host and manage the league and in the future Tournaments as well. In the Smite Champions League (SCL in short) there are multiple divisions, each division contains a number of teams, these teams compete agains eachother for several weeks. during this time team captains submit their played match IDs. These match IDs get collected and processed, with the data the matches provide everything gets calculated. Essentially this means you will be able to view the final match results and statistics of every team that plays in the SCL

How do i sign up as a team?
To check if sign up's are open join the discord too find out. In general all applications will require the following information:
  • Your Discordname with #
  • Your Gamertag / IGN,
  • Your Platform
  • Your Region
  • Your estimated skill level (Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Masters)
  • Skill level of the team you have in mind(Estimation of all members combined)
How do the stats get collected?

The stats get collected with the match IDs of each played match. These match IDs get submitted by the team captains after each match, with this match ID a request gets made to the Hirez-api, this returns all the data of the match.

How many games are played per matchup?

By default each matchup is a best of 3, so the max amount of games is 3, the minimum amount is 2.

Is there a discord where i can contact other players / captains?

Of course there is! Click here to join

Is the Smite Champions League cross region?

Not by default, however there could be special divisions that allow for cross region play.

Is the Smite Champions League cross platform?

By default divisions are cross platform, there could however be divisions that are locked to 1 platform and /or input method

Team questions

How many substitute players are allowed? (fills)

When a player in your team can't play, you can result to a substitute player. There is only 1 substitute allowed per team ensuring the original team is mostly intact.

How do i join a team?

When you want to join a team you should contact one of the team captains and ask if they are looking for a team member. Secondly you could contact the league admin and sign up as a team captain and form a team yourself.

How many players are in a team?

Each team consists out of 5 players each player plays one of the Conquest roles: Solo, Jungle, Mid, Support, ADC.

Player questions

Can I substitute for a team I play against next week?

No, to keep the competitive spirit intact it is not allowed to fill for a team you play against the week after. This ensures competitive integrity and prevents you from gaining an advantage.

Can I leave a team as a player?

When you want to leave a team you should inform your team captain, your team captain can then remove you from the team roster. It is currently not possible to do this yourself.

Captain questions

How do I manage my team?

On the captainpage you can easily your manage team members; use it, it is pretty self explanatory.
You can easily drag & drop your team members to change their roles and you can also easily add and replace members with the click of a button.

Can I disband my team?

If you would like to disband your team you should contact the league admin. Together with the admin you can look if the rest of the team also wants to disband, or if a team member wants to take over the captain role. If replacing the captain is not an option the admin will delete the team. When the team gets deleted the data will be kept but not displayed on the site anymore

Can I change my team name at anytime?

Yes you can change your team name whenenver you want, it is however advised to keep the same name during a split to be recognizable.

Can I change my teams division?

No you can't change your teams division, if you would like to switch to another division contact the league admin.

Division questions

How many teams are in a division?

there are 4 to 6 teams in a division.

How do points get calculated for the division standings?

Each match that gets played is a best of 3. If a team wins with 2-0 they get awarded 3 points. If a team wins with 2-1 they get awarded 2 points and the opossing team with 1 point. If a team loses with 0-2 they get awarded 0 points

How many matches do you play per week?

You play 1 matchup per week. A matchup last 2 or 3 matches. If your team can"t play a week then you it"s expected that you play that game the week after and play the regular game of that week.

How many weeks do you play per split

You play against every team 2 times, 1 Home game and 1 Away game. If there are 4 teams in your division that would mean you play a 6 week split.
# of weeks is # of opponents * 2